First Registration in CMS as EXTERNAL


Step 1 : Registration with the CMS Secretariat

Please proceed with your request via the following link:

Proceed with the online registration you will receive using the Firefox browser.
The form will be sent for approval to your Teamleader and then approved by the CMS Secretariat.


Step 2: Activation of your computing account

A primary CERN computing account and a CERN e-mail address will be automatically created for you.

To activate your account, please contact directly the Service desk with a copy of your passport:
After validation, you have 5 days to change your password and to follow the Computing Security course or your account will be disabled.

If you need to access the Linux and AFS, please also do not forget to subscribe to the following applications and resources:
Go to the Account Management Portal:
→Click on "Resources and Services" →Choose "List services" →Choose "Linux" and click on "Subscribe" and then click on "Computing group" and select “ZH