Following the CB decision, CMS members registering after 1st of January 2015 can become author with the following Pre-Requisites :

  • [PR1] at least one year in the CMS Collaboration as doctoral student or scientist and
  • [PR2] 6 months of EPR are delivered by the member, and/or (NEW) the institute delivered exactly or more EPR than expected from the number of signing authors in the previous year (contribution from the previous years count maximum for 3 EPR) and,
  • [PR3] - only relevant for physicists and engineers -  M&O-A is paid.


If the above is fulfilled, the CMS member will now become automatically author.  At that time however, the team leader has the opportunity to put the CMS member, eligible to become author, in a status of 'Author No'.


EPR information:

The process of achieving authorship eligibility in terms of EPR can be suspended at the time of registration.  This puts the authorship application process on hold, hence no EPR duties are added to the institute. At any time the team leader can 'un-suspend' the CMS member, hence adding the remaining EPR duties to the institute and starting the 1 year waiting time. Note however, like for all registered CMS members, EPR delivered by suspended members is counted for themselves and the institute.


Signature rights:

The signature right is granted automatically when the collaborators fullfilled the criterias. The Teamleader will receive automatically an email to take action upon members of their institute who have met the requirements to become authors (link to the manage Pending Authors webpage)

The Teamleader can remove a signature right via the following link: