Office Request


If you don't have any office already attibuted by your supervisor upon arrival, you can proceed with a request to some Burotels.

Rules for attribution: Desks allocated for a long period of time. Collaborators must fullfill different criteria:

  • Presence at CERN 100%
  • Staying for a long period of time (minimum 4 months)

Please note as from October 2020 offices in Bld42 can be assigned for a maximum period of 3 months and potential extension will be considered if your residence will last longer.
By the end of each period of 3 months you have to confirm your presence as well as your wish to continue to use the desk to the secretariat.

Registration/modification of Internal address

The CMS secretariat is in charge of entering /modifying your internal address and phone number in the CERN Phonebook.