Institutes Registration and Modification


This information concerned only official CMS institutes approved by the CMS Collaboration Board.

First CMS Registration in the CMS database

Step 1 : TeamLeader Appointment Form

Fill in the TeamLeader Appointment form and send it back to the CMS secretariat in order to register your new Institute.
We kindly ask you to take note of the information provided in the document Responsibilities of the Home Institution and of the CERN Team Leader and the Team Leader Appointment Form and to bring it to the attention of your institute and in particular to the responsible person who is authorized to sign the appointment form.

Please note that at least one team leader and one or two deputy team leaders must be appointed per team. The nomination of a team leader or deputy team leader is valid for a maximum of 5 years and is renewable. He/she must have the status of an Associated Member of the Personnel at CERN which typically is the User status.


Step 2 : TeamLeader e-course

The TeamLeader e-course is mandatory and should be taken by all the Teamleader and Deputies in order to validate the nomination.


Step 3 : Registration of the Teamleader and Deputies in the CERN and CMS database

This step should be proceed if the Teamleader and the Deputies are not yet registered as USERS in the CERN and the CMS databases.

CERN database:
The Teamleader should provide to the CMS secretariat:

The Deputies: The new Teamleader has to initiate the online registration for the deputies via the Pre-Registration Tool PRT.$


CMS database:
Please proceed with your request via the following link:


Step 4 : Letterhead of the new institute

Send an official Letterhead mentionning the full name, postal address, phone number, email and website of the new institute to the CMS secretariat.