Official Travels


COVID Information:
All members of personnel (MPE and MPA) who are travelling for official reasons and require a  PCR test prior to duty travel, can request a test through CERN’s medical service.
A fully validated Travel (TRVL) must be presented to the medical service.
Appointments can be booked by email:

Prior to travel
  • Insert the corresponding absence request in EDH as absence type: "official trip, conference, etc..."
  • Proceed with the EDH travel document (TRVL) The following information must be included:

The following information must be included:

  1. Type of travel Reason of the trip
  2. The date of the travel
  3. The destination, route and means of transport
  4. The budget code (possibility to implement several budget codes)
  5. NEW features of the travel document : Mandatory field of ‘FINAL destination
  6. Private stay
  7. Register the traveller profile in traveldoo (
  8. Confirms whether accomodation or meals are paid by a 3rd party

Once the itinerary is inserted, the traveller has an immediate overview of the total cost of the trip.

Private stay dates can be included in the TRVL and the private stay is automatically removed from the overall cost estimate of the trip.

The traveller has access to consult flight options directly in Traveldoo as soon as the itinerary is entered.

Please note that this is not the reimbursement itself but only the authorization to travel.

Transport means

Plane or train: As soon as the EDH travel request is fully authorized the traveller or the CMS secretariat can proceed with the booking of the flight or train via the new application Traveldoo.

Private car: The member of the personnel may be authorized to use his own car – see Use of private vehicles for journeys on official duty procedure

CERN Rental car: Via the Mobility Center
Use of the service requires:

  •  V licence,
  • The driver must have a Driver ID to identify themselves in the CERN vehicle. This Driver ID is to be requested directly in building 124.
  • Any use outside the "local area" requires a “mission order” (annual or occasional).


Visa requests for official travel must be made the CIBT internet portal.

In the case of travel to Russia: Contact directly the CMS secretariat for all other destinations: through the CIBT internet portal.

Please bring all the documents requested to the CMS secretariat.

Accommodation and meals

Travelers must organize their own accommodation and meals. They choose where to stay and eat at their own convenience and settle the corresponding bills directly.

CERN’s services are not involved in making the bookings or paying invoices.

Conference fees

The CMS can proceed with the payment of the Conference fees if a bank transfer is possible.

Provide to the secretariat:

  • The confirmation of the registration
  • The information related to the payment  (bank information)

Vitual Conference fees: No Travel Request is necessary.

On Return of Duty Travel 

On the expected date of return, the duty travel (TRVL) is automatically sent to travellers to:

  • confirm the course of the travel,
  • declare any accommodation provided at no cost to them (including nights in the plane),
  • declare any meals provided at no cost to them ( including meals offered in plane/train),
  • submit any other necessary expenses incurred,
  • if they want to receive a reimbursement less than the amount of the DTA
  • scan and attach to the TRVL a copy of the hotel invoice and/or receipts of other necessary expenses if the amount exceeds 20 CHF,
  • the traveller has to declare whether there has been an incident.

After his signature, the Secretariat is notified.

The member of the personnel must attach to the EDH travel request claim the receipts of the hotel and other expenses as bus, taxi etc if the amount exceed 20CHF.

The types of proof of payment accepted by the Organization are those listed below:

  • invoices marked "paid",
  • confirmation of executed payment via e-banking,
  • receipts or attestations of payment issued by the suppliers,
  • credit card account statements.