Change of institute for USER status



Step 1 : Procedure with the Users Office

Proceed with the Contract Modification and Extension Form (EDH or Paper)
Attached a new Home Institution Declaration - HID (Valid for a period of 6 months following the date of signature)* English - French
To be completed by an authorized representative of the candidate’s home institution

You can find the full information on the following link:

Step 2 : Procedure with the CMS Secretariat

Regarding the CMS database, the change of institute in our database has to be started by the previous Team Leader, who has to move you from Institute 1 to Institute 2 using the link below: (Firefox browser only).

Remarks: Link only accessible by Teamleaders and 1st Deputy Teamleaders


Please note that the step 2 can only be approved once the step 1 at the User's Office will be fully completed.