Change of Experiment for EXTERNAL status


Step 1 : Procedure with the former Experiment Secretariat

Before registering with CMS, please contact the Secretariat of your current experiment in order to:

  • Close your participation in their database
  • Remove your Computing Account from the Experiment E-group.


Step 2 : Procedure with the CMS Secretariat

Please proceed with the CMS registration via the following link:

Proceed with the online registration you will receive using the Firefox browser.
The form will be sent for approval to your Teamleader and then approved by the CMS Secretariat.


Step 3: Activation of your computing account

Proceed with the subscription to the CMS computing account. Go to the Account Management Portal:
→ Click on "Resources and Services" → Choose "List services" → Choose "Linux" and click on "Subscribe" and then click on "Computing group" and select “ZH