Project Associate


General information:

Project associates are physicists, engineers or technicians, originating from the Member States, Associate Member States or non-Member States, who come to CERN to contribute on behalf of their home institute to the execution of work linked to projects assigned by the Director-General under a collaboration agreement between CERN and their home institute.

Project associates must be employed at least 55% of their time by their home institute, which cannot be a commercial enterprise. Students cannot be considered for project associate contracts.

The initial duration of a project associate contract cannot be

  • less than one month,
  • more than three years.


Step 1: fill the Registration form and home institute declaration at

How to fill out the document at

Step 2: if applicable, complete the form for Supplement to subsistence allowance due to family situation:

Step 3: send the copy of the forms to the department secretariat or the person in charge of your registration. You will also be requested to send a copy of your passport via a secure link.

Step 4: if you are subject to visa requirements, please request an invitation letter via

(if you cannot access the link, please contact CMS Secretariat)

Step 5: if not already done, request a CMS computing account by contacting the CMS Secretariat

Subsistence allowance:

The subsistence allowance is a financial benefit paid by the Organization to an associated member of the personnel in order to compensate for the additional living expenses incurred locally. Under no circumstances is the subsistence allowance to be interpreted as a payment or compensation for any work that may be performed.

Project associates may receive a family supplement, subject to eligibility and within the ceilings set out in Administrative Circular No. 11.

To request a family supplement, please fill out the following form:


The social insurance is the responsibility of the home institute. Project associates, and any family members who accompany them, must be members of a health and accident insurance scheme that provides them with adequate protection in the two Host States against the economic consequences of illness and accidents, including occupational illnesses and accidents in the case of members of the personnel. Project associates must also have adequate cover for all countries they may visit on duty travel.

Useful contacts:

Departmental secretariat: EP DAO Office

Experiment secretariat: CMS secretariat

Additional information: